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Designing Solutions using the SOAD Model Accelerator

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Service-Oriented Analysis and Design Model Accelerator: (Brochure) Realizing the potential and promise of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) - business flexibility and agility - is only possible through the successful application of Service-Oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD).

The SOAD Model Accelerator guides practitioners in creating best-practice based SOA Solutions, reducing mechanical effort, enhancing solution focus and magnifying creativity and problem solving skills. Take a look at what people are saying about the Model Accelerator.

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The Model Accelerator is needed to overcome the Fog and Friction of creating SOA solutions. Too many SOA projects fail. We face the friction of starting with a blank piece of paper. What should be modeled? How should it be modeled? And once we get started, we find the effort repetitive and requiring too many clicks. And, as the project progresses - how can we ensure best practice application and adherence? How can we determine where and how the solution aligns with the needs of the business?

The Accelerator surfaces as a set of automations that deploy within IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software - integrating with and amplifying the SOA capabilities of the platform (including Rational SOMA and SoaML). The automations include UML Patterns, Model Constraints and Reports. These components work together - eliminating Fog and Friction - helping you to create SOA solutions by focusing on: Business Modeling, Service Identification, Service Specification, and SOA Governance.

Highlights of the capabilities provided by the Model Accelerator, include analysis of BPMN Complexity, Goal-Service Modeling, Service Identification, Service Litmus Testing, Message Design, Service Portfolio definition, and detailing of service architectures, contracts and interfaces.  

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